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        Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Reading is a great way to

gain conscious awareness of anything

you haven’t noticed, have kept hidden

from yourself, or have been unable to

fully understand.

Understanding the less obvious

motivations behind your choices, the

external influences with which you

interact, and the potential results of

your actions; is a key to moving

through life with grace and ease.

Intuitive Readings can be focused on

any topic you’d like to explore.

Sessions by Phone, Email or In-Person

         Focus on Business

When you’re seeking insights into

your career or business ventures a

Business Reading will give you clear, practical answers to questions about

job changes, education, options for expansion or re-organization,

personnel issues, and many other

business questions or concerns.

            Focus on Health

When you’re seeking insight about

your body’s needs, a Health Reading

will provide you with information

about current or developing health

concerns and steps you can take to

restore and maintain optimal health.

    Health Readings are not intended to take the place of

                          diagnosis and treatment

                by a licensed healthcare professional.

Shamanic Healing

10 Things You Can Do To Gracefully Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Read Now

Play along the way!

Healing Soul Contracts

Session fee: $50/half-hour

past life

(812) 988-2149

Appointments are available

in-person or by phone

Monday ~ Friday

9am ~ 5pm Eastern Time

Please call to schedule

Cellulary Memory

Client comments about Shamanic Healing

Vibrant Health Business Readings Wisdom

Clients comments about

Enlivening Your Vibrant Being

Health Readings Life Lessons Ancestors

Client comments about

Counseling & Readings

Wellbeing Psychic Readings

Laugh until your heart sings!

Reincarnation Past Lives

After you’ve had a session with me ~ ~ ~ I’ll be available to continue supporting you

during your dreamtime. If you want dreamtime support, simply request my assistance as you’re

drifting into sleep. If I’m the one who can best provide what you need, Spirit will invite me to be

there and I’ll come. If I’m not the one, rest assured that Spirit will bring you the helper you need.

More Ways to Grow

Couples Coaching

~ ~

The Sacred Hoops Course

          Shamanic Healing

When you’re working with a deep-seated

challenge, a Shamanic Healing session will

clear your energy and re-align you with

yourself and Spirit. These sessions create

profound and lasting healing of emotional,

physical, and spiritual challenges.

          Sessions by Phone or In-Person


        Your Vibrant Being

These intensive private sessions are

designed to completely clear the

underlying dynamics that block success

and enjoyment in any area of life.

Enlivening Your Vibrant Being

includes a four-hour session each day

for three consecutive days.

Focuses may include: current lifetime

issues, soul contracts, past-lives,

karma, parent/child contracts, cellular

memory, ancestral lineage healing,

soul agendas, and life lessons.

         Available exclusively In-Person

                            Fee: $1200

         Spiritual Counseling

These sessions are focused on helping you expand your access to your own wisdom, inspiration, and highest visions.

You’ll gather insights about how to grow

with enthusiasm, maintain your momentum,

and celebrate the uniqueness of you.

      Sessions by Phone, Email or In-Person

Private Sessions

My commitment to you ~ ~ ~ You will receive accurate, helpful, and

useful skills or information during each session you have with me. I will

relate to you as the fully evolved, divine being that you are. My focus is

on providing you with whatever you need to expand your access to

wisdom and live a life that makes your heart sing.

I honor your privacy. All that you share with me will remain confidential.

Opportunities to delight your soul, expand your mind,

and fully awaken the wise one in you.

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