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Crystals, Music and Gifts

Quartz Crystals Ruby

Crystals and stones gently support permanent healing and growth by holding unique energy

patterns that enhance wholeness. Keeping certain stones nearby encourages your body and aura

to seek alignment with the stone’s energetic patterns. As this occurs, you’ll notice subtle shifts

in your ways of being that will gradually provide you with greater access to your own wholeness.

blue tourmaline Pink Tourmaline

More of my handcrafted gifts are available in my Etsy store

Malachite Ritual Tools

Velvet Medicine Bags

These one-of-a-kind velvet bags are lovingly handcrafted by me.

Each bag is uniquely decorated with a mixture of feathers,

stone & glass beads, and sometimes a shell or two.

When I receive your order, I take a bit of time in meditation and

then I decorate your bag specifically for you.

No two bags are alike.

Each 7” x 8 ½ “ bag easily holds several sacred objects &

most Tarot decks.


plus shipping

Indiana Residents: 7% Sales Tax


Please specify bag color.

Decorations cannot be specified.

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rainbow Medicine Bag Aura

Healer’s Shells

These shells are used to help the body

hold energy during periods of high stress,

intense emotions, or healing.

They have a calming effect.

Lay one shell on any chakra or other place

on your body that feels “off” and then relax

for a few minutes and let your body re-align.  

Set of 3 Shells      $9

plus shipping

Indiana Residents: 7% Sales Tax

Shells diamond
garnet Gemstone

Personalized Stone Set

Tell me what you’re trying to grow into, or what challenges

you’re working with, and I’ll select a variety of stones and

crystals that support your intention.

Each Personalized Stone Set includes a minimum of

5 stones, the names of the stones, and my suggestions for

using them to support your well-being.


plus shipping

Indiana Residents: 7% Sales Tax


Flute Flying

Native American Flute Music that will Touch Your Soul

composed, produced, and performed by

Suzanne Kammerer (Cherokee and Sioux)

Drums by Denise Burch and Jana Anna

Suzanne recorded this with Healers, Body Workers, and Teachers in mind.

Using her low-toned flutes she created a calm journey of the heart.

The CD is 54 minutes long and can be used for timing healing, massage,

and/or meditation sessions.

The track titles are as follows:

1. Entering Sacred Space

2. The Forest Path

3. Journey to Truth

4. Beauty in the Dark

5. Sunstones and Crystals

6. Elders Talking

7. Light in the Summer Sky

8. The Journey Continues

9. The Answer

10. Dreamtime Owl

11. Collecting Your Gifts

12. Blessings On Your Journey


Hear some of Suzanne’s beautiful flute music:


Suzanne’s Music


plus shipping

Indiana Residents: 7% Sales Tax

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