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Rune Readings

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Celtic Runes

Shamanic Healing

Healing with Crystals &


Chakra Clearing & Balancing

The Art of Sweatlodge

Healing through Ritual Action

Full-body Fascial Unwinding

Healing Sexual Wounds

Enriching Intimiate Relationships

Ancestral Lineage Healing

Soul Contracts & Agendas

Releasing Karma

Past-life Clearing

Energy Clearing & Balancing

Healing with Sound & Color

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Language as a Healing Tool

Healing Arts

Receiving Spiritual Messages


Seeing the Future

Animal Communication

Shamanic Journey

Tarot Reading

Rune Reading


Shamanic Consciousness

Intuitive Arts

Ritual Leadership

Growing Local Spiritual Circles

Maintaining Circle Health


Circle Leadership

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Leadership

Business Management

Management by Council Circle

Ancestral Lineage Healing

~ A different approach to personal fulfillment and world peace ~

Throughout this time of deep healing, you’ll be guided into the world of your ancestors

and all of their descendants. You’ll discover exactly what’s needed to bring their journeys

into wholeness and how to energetically fulfill those needs. You’ll stand with your

ancestors as a transformation catalyst for each generation. Together, you’ll create

wholeness for you and all your relations.

The fears, struggles, & dis-ease of our ancestors echo in the cells of our bodies and the

shadows of our emotions. Blending these inherited echoes with your own life purpose

creates layers of unnecessary energetic weight. Joining with your ancestors to transform

their past will transform your present and future.

LAUGHING WOMYN ~ and ~ SUZANNE KAMMERER, Lakota Healer & Flute Player,

combine their skills to guide you through this gentle and profound experience.

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