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I took your Healer’s class four years ago and my work gained so much depth from what I

learned. I’d been a massage therapist for several years at that time and had just recently

begun to see myself as a healer. The weekend gave me skills I still use.   

Laura from Pennsylvania

I’ve attended several of your workshops and I always gain another layer of tools for my

spiritual work. I’m pretty solitary most of the time. Your workshops give me a chance to

connect with other people and also learn some wonderful skills.   George from Michigan

Your class about making local spiritual circles was a Goddess send for me! I live in a rural

area and hadn’t been able to find anyone nearby to do rituals with. Well, I’ve found them!

There are now 10 of us meeting each month and doing rituals together. The things I learned

in your class helped me find my people!   Jennifer from Indiana

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