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I recommend

one session

every other

week until the issue

is resolved.

Resolve Conflicts polyfidelity

Both of you must participate in all

Couples Coaching sessions.

I honor and support all

relationship styles.

If your relationship includes more than

two partners, I recommend that each

couple within the relationship have their

own coaching session, followed by a

session with all of you together.

Couples Coaching

 What you can expect to receive:

~ Excellent communcation skills.

~ Deep appreciation for one another.

~ The ability to be emotionally present

   for each other without being

   emotionally hooked.

~ Full resoultion of short-term or

   long-standing issues in your


~ A set of relationship tools you can

   use whenever you need them.

~ A relationship that brings richness

   and beauty to each of you.





One session may

be all you need.

marriage communication

Growing into

New Ways

of Relating

I recommend

six sessions

scheduled two

weeks apart

Relating polyamory

Use Coaching Sessions to:

~ Enhance an already great relationship.

~ Grow into deeper levels of intimacy.

~ Expand your communication skills.

~ Learn to have more fun with each other.

~ See each other more clearly.

~ Resolve immediate challenges.

~ Resolve long-standing challenges.

Find what works for each of you

and from there,

find what works for both of you.

Cherish Beloved Happiness

Client comments about

Couples Coaching Sessions

Thriving Conscious Relating

(812) 988-2149

Appointments are available

Monday ~ Friday

9am ~ 5pm Eastern Time

Couples Coaching Sessions

In-Person or by Phone


Couples Coaching is not the resource to help you resolve:

~ Domestic Violence ~ Addiction ~ Mental Illness ~

If your relationship includes these issues, love yourself and your partner

by seeking the help of a specialized therapist or support group.


A thriving relationship

nourishes each partner.

wife Husband Thriving Relationship

11 Things You Can Do To

Make Your Relationship Extraordinary!

Read Now


During Couples Coaching sessions we’ll work together in ways that

allow your couple to experience a thriving relationship and provide you

with tools that can be used whenever you need them.

You’ll be supported in seeing what already works between the two of

you and building on that. You’ll learn to approach your relationship from

the perspective that you intend to engage with each other in loving ways,

enjoy life together, be the best of friends, and be reliable allies.

You’ll learn skills that will help you stay clear with one another so conflict

is minimized. You’ll also learn skills that will help you fully resolve

conflicts, when they arise, so there’s no build-up of resentments or

unfinished business sitting between the two of you.

You’ll expand your ability to celebrate the beauty and love you share.

Couples Coaching

Where Love Thrives ~ ~ ~ Beauty is Alive


Session fee:


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing,

there is a field. I will meet you there. ~ Rumi

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