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Growing an Extraordinary Relationship,

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Growing Your Relationship

11 Things You Can Do Now To Make

Your Relationship Extraordinary!

Talk to your partner with complete honesty.

          Tell the truth about what you’re thinking and feeling rather than an edited version that you feel

          safe saying or you think your partner wants to hear.

Listen with detachment to what your partner says.

          Provide your partner with the space to verbally express her/his truth without defending against

          your reactions.

Verbally acknowledge your partner for the things he/she does to support your relationship.

          Tell your partner, at least once a week, what you notice and appreciate about how she/he is

          engaging in the life you share.

Ask your partner what he/she would like to be acknowledged for and then give the acknowledgement.

          Give your partner the opportunity to tell you what she/he is doing to support your relationship

          and then acknowledge the value of those contributions.

Remove the idea of “need” from your relationship.

          Your needs are yours to fulfill, they are not the responsibility of anyone else. If you find yourself

          thinking “I need”, change the words to “I desire” and see how that changes the emotions behind

          the thought.

Create an intimacy date each week.

          Establish one time each week that is only for the two of you. Protect your intimacy date from

          interruptions. Do something that brings you close together ~ have a long talk, make love, go

          somewhere you both enjoy. Make it simple, easy to do, and fulfilling for each of you.

Engage in unsolicited acts of love.

          Surprise your partner with a love note, a favorite food, a kiss, a compliment, a favor,

           a loving touch...

Ask for what you want.

          Tell your partner what you’d like to experience in the relationship and share some creative time

          brainstorming about how to make that happen in ways you’ll both enjoy.

When in conflict, listen fully to what your partner says.

          Keep your attention focused on what your partner is saying. Wait to form your response until

          your partner has finished speaking.

When in conflict, speak your full truth.

          Conflicts can only be resolved when all parties are based in reality. Unspoken agendas and

          feelings leave your partner clueless about what’s really going on for you.

Laugh together at least once every day.

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