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Professional Mentoring

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Are your days filled with abundant prosperity

and abundant play?

In addition to my many years of experience as a

professional Healer, I have a strong background

in Accounting and Business Management.

I’ll teach you how to set up and use a straightforward, easy to manage accounting

system that can keep you informed about

the financial health of your business and

keep you current with your taxes.


Sometimes this part of business feels very complicated to creative, intuitive folks.

It doesn’t need to be.

We’ll work together to find the marketing styles that fit your work,

build your business, and suit your personality.


When people want the services you offer

and know why you’re the one to provide those services,

they will do business with you.

You’ll learn to weave the

connections with your

clients in ways that work

perfectly for you and them.

Client Relations

Clients who value what you do

and feel appreciated and

respected by you, will return

and they will make referrals.

Together we’ll identify which modalities really resonate with

you and will help your business grow.

I’ll also provide you with information about keeping your

skills fresh, exciting for you, and inspiring for your clients.

Professional Skills Expansion

Continuing to grow professionally will keep you

enthusiastic about your work.

Together we’ll define the

ways of doing business

that really work for you.

I’ll provide you with

insights about how to

design and maintain your

business in ways that meet

your needs and keep your

business healthy.



Well designed and managed

businesses are the most

successful and the most

satisfying for their owners.

I offer techniques and support for building your professional confidence, clearing anything that sits between you and the

work you love, and for living the wisdom you offer to clients.

Growing Yourself Into Your Work

Your self-assurance helps clients feel confident about your skills.

Your way of being shows them what your work can accomplish.


Appointments are available

in-person or by phone

Monday ~ Friday

9am ~ 5pm Eastern Time

Please call to schedule.


Session fee: $50/half-hour

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