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What People Are Saying About My          Professional Mentoring

I wasn’t very confident that I was actually doing anything “real” in my work as a Reader.

You helped me find ways to understand how effective I was actually being for my clients

and that changed my attitude about my readings from “I hope I can make a living this way.”

to “I really have something to offer people!” Thank you!   Cheryl from Colorado

My business was pretty sluggish when I first called you. As a result of our work together

over the last few months, I’ve doubled the number of clients I see each week and I’ve

rearranged my business hours so they work better for me.   Brian from Kentucky

I just love working with you. No matter what I need, you show up as a mentor who helps

me reach the next level of my own growth as well as helping me grow my massage business.

Kathy from Hawaii

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