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Your Business

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Play it well!

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Growing Your Business

10 Things You Can Do Now

To Expand Your Business

Tell people what you’ll do for them.

          Tell them about how you’ll help them accomplish something they’re trying to accomplish.

Tell your current clients or customers that you appreciate them.

          Remember the people who already support you and let them know how much that means to you.

Be enthusiastic about what you do.

          When you’re not enthusiastic about your business you can’t get anyone else excited about it.

          If your work doesn’t excite you, add something to it that will keep you enthusiastic.

Decide that you can make a great living doing the work you love.

          Don’t wait for the universe to validate this for you. Decide to earn your living doing something

          you love and don’t stop working your business until you’ve accomplished what you want.

Spread the word, today and every day.

          Create a marketing campaign that gets the word out to more people than you can personally

          contact and leaves you free to do the work you love. Follow through on that plan.

If you work with people individually, give the gift of a free session to people you think can

send you referrals.

          These sessions are gifts and need to be given with no strings attached. After the session, let

          the person know you enjoyed working with them and hope to see them again. Hand them a

          couple of business cards. Generosity generates generosity.

Prioritize results over potential.

          Do things that serve your current clients or customers and things that expand your client and

          customer base. Do things that keep you informed about the success of your business.

Manage your time well.

          Busy and productive are two different things. Make your time productive by choosing to do

          things that support your business. Your business will support you if you support it.

Make your business convenient for you.

          If your business feels like an inconvenience to you, you’ll be less likely to give it the extra

          attention it sometimes needs. Fine tune what you’re doing so the business hours,

          administrative work, customer/client contact, and work location are all harmonious for you.

Choose time off.

          You’re more likely to be fresh and enthusiastic about your work when you build in some

          down-time. On a regular basis, make sure you have days off. These are days when you don’t

          engage in any business activities.