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What People Are Saying About My        Couples Coaching Sessions

We are so pleased to have worked with you in Couples Coaching. We’re both amazed at

your deftness in helping us dig through the layers of our denial, defenses, and hurt feelings to

get to the roots of our problematic issues. In doing so, you are compassionate, patient, and

respectful of us as individuals and as a couple. In our work with you, we’ve learned to

celebrate our couple in a way that has helped us cherish and nurture our relationship in a

whole new way. Laughing Womyn, you bring a unique and wonderful approach to

communicating in relationships. Our relationship is broader and deeper because of our work

with you.   Carol & Paul from Indiana

We just want to tell you what beautiful, helpful, encouraging, and life changing work you do.

We’re happy to finally have found someone who can help us see ourselves. Thank you.

Working with you has really improved our life together.   Ann & Maria from Michigan

We couldn’t figure out how to talk to each other about anything that was upsetting us

without ending up in a huge fight. Our couples coaching work with you gave us the skills we needed to actually have conversations about our differences. We have a much stronger

relationship now and are again that happy honeymooning couple we used to be!   

Brian & Jerry from Illinois

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