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We came to you for a shamanic healing session after our son died. Your kindness and

explanations about what the soul experiences when the body is dying really helped.

Your skill at helping each of us touch and express the depth of our rage about our son’s

death was one of the things that got us moving forward again. We still cry but now we also

laugh again.   Greg & Teresa from Michigan

I had no idea how many little pieces I was living in until after they all came back together.

The Shamanic session I had with you brought me back home to me. Life is much easier

now that I’m all in one place.   John from Arizona

The healing ritual you did with me cleared up things I didn’t know were out of place. I came

to you because I couldn’t conceive a child. I’d been trying for years and the doctors kept

telling me I was physically healthy, but still no baby. After working with you and releasing

the grief about the babies I’d lost, i finally got my babies.

I now have a beautiful son and daughter.   Ellen from Michigan

I would like to thank you for your work as a healer and medical intuitive on my leg. Three

years after shattering the bones in my leg I was barely walking and always had to use a cane.

I was told by the “other medical profession”, before I started meeting with you, that my leg

was as good as it was going to be. Well, that was 6 years ago and I am now almost 60 years

old, walking, swimming, working, & enjoying a wonderful life without even a cane, let alone

a wheelchair. You are a gifted and insightful healer.   Sophronia from South Dakota

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