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I’ve worked with you off and on for almost twenty years now. Thank you for being a

spiritual teacher who continues to challenge me and present me with new ideas.   

David from Wisconsin

I’m a Shaman and have devoted the last 18 years to helping people heal the rifts inside of themselves. When I need insights for my own growth, you’re one of my reliable resources.

Bless you.   Sasha from Quebec

Every time I call you for a session I come away with more insights than I expected.

I always see things more clearly and understand what to do next in my life. I appreciate your

patience and clarity in response to my sometimes chaotic life.   Barbara from Ohio

I am so grateful for the patient listening you gave me while I was grieving the death of my

first wife. I also want to thank you for teaching me how to communicate with her after

she died. That skill comforted me as I continued to grieve and has opened a whole new

world of awareness for me. It’s been six years now. I’m happily remarried and enjoying a

new career as an intuitive reader. William from New Mexico

When I decided to try one of your email readings I really didn’t think that would work. You surprised me by providing me with very accurate information and some truths about myself

that I had needed to hear for a long time. Life is working better now. Many thanks.   

Julia from New Zealand

Your ability to explain the Spirit world in understandable terms has helped me better

understand my own gifts and put them to good use. Thanks for being available to answer

my questions.   Nedra from Minnesota

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