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10 Things You Can Do Now

To Gracefully Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Make a choice to know everything there is to know about yourself.

          Everything about you is worthy of your love and kindness. Denial, avoidance and “softening” the

          truth about yourself are acts of self-abandonment.

Choose growth

          For the excitement of what is rather than to escape what already is.

Pause when you’re tired.

          It takes time to synthesize new information into all levels of your being. When you feel full,

          take a break. You’ll know when it’s time to take in more.

Do some of your growing during your dreamtime.

          Give Spirit permission to teach you while you’re sleeping in ways that increase the quality of

          your rest. Give yourself permission to learn while you’re sleeping and to bring what you learn

          into your daily activities. You don’t need to remember your dreams to do this. Just give

          permission and watch for the changes in your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Ground yourself.

          Your wisdom is of greatest value in human reality if you put it into action on the physical plane.

          Your body is the vehicle for doing that.

          Ground yourself by doing one of these: eat a root food (carrot, peanut, etc.), put your bare hands

          or feet on the soil, drink water, carry a piece of hematite, do a vigorous physical activity.

Recognize when you’re ungrounded.

          If you’re unable to focus your thoughts, your actions are ineffective, you’re unable to

          communicate clearly, or you’re not tired but want to sleep anyway, you’re ungrounded.

Use a divination tool.

          Reading for yourself is one of the easiest ways to gather wisdom whenever you want it or need it.

Share your wisdom.

          The more you share, the more you’ll receive. Share in whatever way works naturally and easily

          in your life.

Give yourself permission to do all that you came into this life to do.

          You don’t need to know what you came to do, that may only be definable in retrospect. You just

          need to pull out the stops and give yourself permission to be your own ally in accomplishing

          whatever you came here to do.

Make sure play and relaxation are part of the plan.

          Even on the fast track to consciousness, we need to indulge ourselves in some things that are

          just for fun.

Growing You