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What People Are Saying About

             The Sacred Hoops Course

This course is one of the most important things I’ve had happen in my life lately. I’m

examining layers of my thinking that it never occurred to me to look at and it’s making a

huge difference in my happiness. Thank you.    Sandra from Arizona

I’ve worked with a lot of spiritual teachers through the years and I have to say I’m

impressed with the Sacred Hoops course. This course helped me clear away the emotional

stuff and the ways of thinking that have stopped me from being able to live the things I

teach. Now instead of “being a Shaman”, I’m actually living Shamanism.   

John from California

Oh my gosh! Really, I never knew I’d be able to see life so clearly and be so on target with

my intuition. I’m amazed! The work I’ve done with your Sacred Hoops course has taken

me where I’ve been trying to get for years!    Carrie from Oregon

I’m kind of blown away by this course. It just keeps working things to the surface that I

never knew were inside of me. A lot is changing in my life and as a result of my work with

the Sacred Hoops; I’m staying calm and pretty clear about it all. That’s new for me.

Thanks!   Bob from New York

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