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Extraordinary Consciousness ~

                          The Sacred Hoops

A Course Developing Full Spiritual Consciousness

This course guides you into clear and accurate intuitive perceptions,

personal wholeness, and extraordinary levels of conscious awareness.

It’s designed for today’s busy lifestyles and weaves easily into the

rhythms of your daily activities.

Included in this self-paced journey are phone consultations with me, a

written guide, and clear instructions assisting you in developing and

using a wide variety of spiritual skills and personal transformation tools.

You’ll gently and consistently grow into deeper intuitive skills, a fully

conscious connection with Spirit, and an expanded ability to use your

unique spiritual gifts in ways that make your heart and soul sing.

Devic Spirits
Ley Lines

Tuition:    $575

Scholarships are available.

Monthly payments are available.

30 day money back


If you are not completely satisfied with

this course within the first 30 days,

I will happily refund your

Full Tuition

No Questions Asked.

For more information please

call me at (812) 988-2149  or

Email Animal Guide
Faeries Spirit

Fourth Day of the East

We are of this Earth, and in this way are related to and able

to understand all that is here. Because of this, some of our

easiest and clearest spiritual lessons are available through observing what is and learning from all around us. Our

ability to learn from others, human or not, in physical bodies

as well as in spirit, can make life an intriguing adventure.

Today’s focus: Wherever you live, whatever the weather,

take at least a few minutes and go outside. Smell the air and

any flowers, trees, or shrubs you can find. Feel the sun,

wind, rain, or snow; put your hands or bare feet on the soil.

Listen for the sounds of birds, animals, crickets, thunder,

or running water. Taste some fresh food that grows in the

earth: a raw vegetable or fruit, a nut, berry, or herb. Look

around you. Look at the colors and shapes of the world

created by other than human hands. Regardless of whether

you live in the heart of an urban area or on a rural homestead, whether you have money or not, whether you're able-bodied

or have different abilities, the world of our relatives is there

for you to engage in.

Are you willing to recognize Spirit in all forms?

Animal Spirits

Twelfth day of the South

Each person is entrusted with a fragment of the human essence.

Our essence is our collective experience and wisdom. Each

experience lived by each of us is included within this essence.

In this way, each experience lived by an individual human

becomes an experience lived by all humans. This is our oneness,

and from this essence we create our collective future.

Today’s focus: Do you make the spark glow more brightly?

Do you enrich the essence of who we are? If you feel you’re not

adding to the beauty and brilliance of humanity, choose one thing

you can and will do that will accomplish this. Make it something

you can easily do, and do it today.

If you’re already adding to our beauty and brilliance, perform one

act of loving kindness that gives someone else an example of

human beauty.

Today’s Thought

Where do you believe

Your ability to

alter reality ends?

Today’s Thought

How can you learn

the wisdoms

of all of your teachers?


Student comments about

The Sacred Hoops Course

Priestess Wicca

Excerpts from

Extraordinary Consciousness ~ The Sacred Hoops

Spiritual Gifts

Creating Sacred Space

Aligning with the Earth Energies

Aligning with Totem Animals & Spirit Guides

Developing and fully trusting your intuition

Taking Shamanic Journeys

Reading Tarot & other divination tools

Working with Past & Future lives

Being fully present in your relationship with Spirit

Being fully present and grounded in your body and this lifetime

Interpreting your dreams

Working with Chakras & other body energies

Clearing any resistance you have to your highest well-being

Clearing any resistance you have to your highest spiritual expression

Developing skills for clear relationships with others

A variety of other body/mind/emotion/spirit skills.

Specific skills you’ll learn include:

If you're interested in

sharing these skills with others,

by the end of the course

you'll be proficient enough

to begin doing that.

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