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   1  A Healer’s Perspective On PTSD

   7  Awareness Of Your PTSD Signs & Triggers

 14  Caring For Yourself While You’re Healing

 18  Healing Process For PTSD

 68  Healing Process For Survivor Guilt

 83  Supporting Your Continued Well-being

 91  Healing Your Relationships

 95  Centering Techniques

 99  Grounding Techniques

101  Chakra Balancing Techniques

104  Healing Adrenal Fatigue

107  Healing Depression

110  Using Words To Empower

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Coming Home To Me

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Impacts of PTSD

When PTSD is activated, you’ll experience periods of separation from

your integrity and wisdom. This will cause you to make decisions and take

actions that complicate your life and that may be harmful to others. This is

almost constant for some people and in some situations. For others it

occurs only when certain triggers are present.

In addition to the conscious impacts of trauma, many people have impacts

that become subconscious almost immediately. These subconscious impacts

are often the cause of anti-social, self-defeating, or aggressive behaviors.

Body Memories

Trauma memories are stored in body tissue as well as being stored

mentally. Storing experiences and memories in areas of the body rather

than the mind is an instinctive skill that’s designed to help you survive

high trauma situations. This is an excellent short-term coping tool that

becomes detrimental when you use it as a long-term way of coping

with high stress.

Body memories heal best through movement and touch.

Soul Slivers

Many people leave a small piece of their consciousness in the trauma

experience(s), holding the emotions and memories associated with the

trauma. Shamans call these pieces of consciousness “soul slivers”. The

process of segmenting consciousness is called dissociation and it’s an

instinctive skill that’s designed to help you survive high trauma

situations. It’s an excellent short-term coping tool that becomes

detrimental when you use it as a long-term way of coping with high

stress. Soul slivers heal best by reuniting them with the rest of your


Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress are normal ways of temporarily

coping with the effects of trauma. For many people, these stresses rebalance

naturally and their responses to life return to normal within days or weeks

after a traumatic event has ended.  

PTSD develops when the normal trauma stress continues for too long or

when there’s a prolonged period of trauma. When normal trauma stress

becomes PTSD, you’ve become stuck in one or more survival modes.

When you’re not actually in physically dangerous situations, living from

survival mode causes you to respond disproportionately or irrationally to

current situations.

Physical Survival Mode

Your adrenal glands are on high alert, keeping your body in an intense

state of awareness to possible danger (fight or flight). This biological

response is designed to prevent physical harm to your body. Living with

elevated adrenal activity for long periods of time will cause adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue heals best through nutrition and rest.

See Adrenal Healing Process on page 102.

Emotional Survival Mode

Your emotions may swing rapidly and radically. You may get stuck in

one or a few emotions and lose access to the others. You may avoid

being emotionally vulnerable.

Mental Survival Mode

You may focus repeatedly on certain thoughts, feel confused, be

indecisive, make snap decisions, think in absolutes (black/white thinking),

or avoid thinking. You may lose access to your creative thinking or use

it in ways that are destructive or self-defeating.

Spiritual Survival Mode

You may fervently embrace a religion or spiritual path, avoid spirituality,

doubt there’s anything beyond this life or seek proof that there is. You

may seek forgiveness or want to die. You may feel cursed, possessed,

or haunted. You may feel powerless or unwilling to do anything before

first receiving spiritual guidance.  


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